100 Watt Vipers The Bonnevilles 72 Blues Tyler Jakes Black Holy Whiskey Left Lane Cruiser James Leg Black Diamond Heavies Omar And The Howlers Long John Laundry Low Volts Hot Fiction Buddy Flett Mitch Kashmar Immortal Lee County Killers Broken Hands Honkeyfinger The Urban Voodoo Machine The James Harman Band Fumes Son Of Dave Phillip Roebuck Burnside Abstract Artimus Mississippi Big Beat Buffalo Fuzz Pet The Preacher The Pack A.D. Geezer The Graveltones Mitch Woods Devil Doll Electric Citizen Batmobile Bob Log Iii Henry'S Funeral Shoe The Loranes Dirty Streets Witch Mountain Subrosa Brixtonboogie Moon Hooch 1000mods Blues Saraceno Walter Trout Coven Black Pistol Fire The London Souls Rhino Bucket