A Pale Horse Named Death Seventh Void Avatar Whispered Scar The Martyr Love And Death Eve To Adam Toothgrinder Brian Welch Doom Unit Depressed Mode Type O Negative Life Of Agony The Defiled Final Breath Misery Speaks Disbelief Killus Drawning Pool Lonewolf Cataract Svarga Angellore Betzefer Anti-Clone Hämatom Deadbird In Search Of Sun Dr. Steel Salems Pot Abney Park Peter Steele Cherry Poppin Daddys Shreikback Speaking With Ghosts Verjnuarmu I Create Void Of Sleep The Shanklin Freak Show Only Living Witness Still Patient Svafnir Paola Navarrete Happy Days Murder King Gardenian Garden Of Delight Griftegard Neaera