Acid Mothers Temple Om Sir Lord Baltimore Witch Rifflord Sleep Graves At Sea Man Is The Bastard Boredoms Noothgrush Brainoil Reverend Bizarre Corrupted Boris Cruevo Melt-Banana Bongripper Apostle Of Solitude Earth Zeni Geva The Lewd Bloody Hammers Keiji Haino Cult Of Fire Shinki Chen Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard Agitation Free Zaum High On Fire Oresund Space Collective Sistra Flowers In The Attic Sun City Girls Mammatus Buzzoven Pink Fairies Thee Mightycaesars To Roccoco Rot Space Debris Bad Brains Ghost Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats Uppsala Climax Denial James White And The Blacks Ike Reiko Blue Cheers Fire Engine Philip Glass Ensemble