Altar Of Plagues Deafheaven Liturgy Amenra Birds In Row Alpinist Subrosa Oathbreaker Ash Borer Burning Love An Autumn For Crippled Children Bloody Panda Bosse-De-Nage Drudkh Jessy Lanza Void Of Silence Fell Voices Pantheist Jungbluth Negura Bunget Wiegedood Ghost Bath Ethereal Shroud Terzij De Horde Woe Plebeian Grandstand Friendzone Alcest Alda Falloch Paysage D'Hiver Mossy Zeal And Ardor Hate Forest Dope Body Hexis Snailking King Woman Lurker Of Chalice Dyrathor Velnias Nazxul Thaw Paramnesia Entropia Mamiffer Toru Takemitsu The Atlas Moth Wife