An Autumn For Crippled Children Hypomanie Wreck And Reference Cold Body Radiation Suffocate For Fuck Sake Young And In The Way Deafheaven Alpinist Highspire Liturgy Youwretch Altar Of Plagues Emptyset Patten Alcest Yowler Sannhet Birds In Row September Malevolence Ebonylake The Botanist Kairon; Irse! Archivist Lemon'S Chair Amenra Make A Change... Kill Yourself Galar Paula Temple Void Of Silence Thantifaxath The Tidal Sleep Violet Cold Man Of War Svalbard Fjord Rowboat Negura Bunget Epic 45 Echo Beds Braveyoung Subrosa Burning Love Vestiges Plague Widow Lustre The Nocturnes Wolves In The Throne Room Stella Luna Bastions Drudkh