Annotations Of An Autopsy Salt The Wound Acranius Your Demise I Am Committing A Sin Hatebeak Fleshbomb Job For A Cowoby Catalepsy Drum Machine Gun Libido Airbag Before There Was Rosalyn Skycamefalling Zonaria Lewd Acts The Last Ten Seconds Of Life Arkaea Waking The Cadaver Fractured Insanity Bad Seed Job For A Cowboy A Beautiful Machine Korpse What The Blood Revealed Iron Thrones Lights At Sea This Day Forward Devil Sold His Soul Joy Wants Eternity Elysia Despised Icon Toadliquor Tempel Beneath The Massacre Vulvectomy The Everdawn Caninus Fairytale Abuse Counterparts Architects Animosity Listener Hymenotomy Bury Your Dead All Shall Perish Full Blown Chaos Suicide Silence Acacia Strain Winds Of Plague