Atomic Rooster Blue Cheer Emerson Lake Palmer The Nice Edgar Broughton Band Flower Travelling Band Tripsichord Cosmic Dealer Marshall Tucker Hoggwash Ufo Primevil Asleep At The Wheel Jon Spencer Blues Explotion Shirley Horn Sons Of The Pioneers Steamhammer Emerson Lake And Palmer Wicked Lady Eloy Catherine Britt Flower Travellin' Band Wolfgang Petry Pur Hawkwind Amazing Rythym Aces Forever Autumn Jehtro Mandy Barnett Old Crow Thulsa Doom Van Der Graaf Generator No Angels Holly Williams Gentle Giant Mammoth Volume Magic Lantern Bubble Puppy Blues Magoos Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs The Stanley Brothers White Fence Free Cream Sandra King Crimson Camel Lou Reed And John Cale Sun Araw