B Dolan Lowkey Akala P.O.S. Dessa Doomtree Qwel Sims Cecil Otter Logic And Last Resort D-Sisive Kristoff Krane Metermaids Dark Time Sunshine Sandpeople Sadistik Sapient Prolyphic Magnolius Sage Francis Sun Rise Above Marcel Cartier E-Dubble Eyenine Probcause No Bird Sing Shredders The King'S Dead Azad Right Ryshon Jones Motorbike Disl Automatic Chris Rivers Daily Meds Francis The Stone Coyotes Coleman Hell Mikey Mike Sami Yusuf Au4 2econd Class Citizen Brother Ali 9th Wonder Gypsy Unit Busdriver The New Beans Procussions The Griswolds Del The Funkee Homosapien