Belie My Burial My Autumn Bermuda Walking With Strangers Shields Bleed The Sky We Rise The Tides Eternal Void Charlatan Vomit Remnants Dalaro Salt The Wound Emeth We Are The End Massacra Dance Club Massacre A Feast For Kings Float Face Down Deranged Ambershift One Year Later Oceans Ate Alaska Unleash The Sky Carnal Forge Dancing Lotus From Monument To Masses Alphawolf Severe Torture Haemorrhage Angel At My Table Impaled Polaris Invent Animate Go Audio Halocene Disfiguring The Goddess Vomitory Altered Sky Wage War Vovkulaka Aborted The Unseen Oceano After The Burial Defeater Fit For A King Northlane Despised Icon I Killed The Prom Queen