Black Sheep Wall Admiral Angry Love Sex Machine The Abominable Iron Sloth Coffinworm Hooded Menace Iron Monkey Secret Cutter Labrat Nightslug Fister Like Rats Holly Hunt Arghoslent Wolvhammer Fistula Primitive Weapons Gaza Code Orange Amia Venera Landscape Wormlust Lord Mantis Eyehategod Craft This Routine Is Hell Llnn Byzantine Ufomammut Seven Sisters Of Sleep Kowloon Walled City Inter Arma Impetuous Ritual Sannhet The Atlas Moth Belzebong Tragedy Will Haven Last One Dying Swain Ken Mode Xibalba Berzerker Cranes Primitive Man Rise To Fall Lurker Of Chalice Rolo Tomassi Sunn O))) Acidbath