Boyd Rice Monte Cazazza Anton Lavey Spell Gerogerigege M Vevoda King Der Blutharsch Art John S. Hall Blood Axis Krzysztof Komeda Karjalan Sissit Manual 108 Death In June Puissance Allerseelen Purpe Motion Barry Adamson Rosa Tiny Tim David Tibet Current 93 Triarii Les Joyaux De La Princesse Mafia K1 Fry American Are Dangers Lil Hardin Armstrong Bootsauce Gravenhurst Disco Inferno Whitehouse Rowland S Howard Sol Invictus Anal Cunt Master Boot Record Annette Hanshaw Dive Broadcast France Gall Wolves In The Throne Room Brighter Death Now Legowelt Godflesh All About Eve Nurse With Wound Faith & The Muse Scott Walker Throbbing Gristle