Burning Love Alpinist Birds In Row Coliseum Jessy Lanza Liturgy Amenra Friendzone Altar Of Plagues Void Of Silence Cursed Beautiful Mind Deafheaven Star Boy Cult Of Youth Pantheist Subrosa Cobra Noir Mossy The Hope Conspiracy Jungbluth Bloody Panda Scott Kelly Loma Prieta Tempest Abysmal Grief Daitro Barrow An Autumn For Crippled Children Ghost Bath Life Long Tragedy Beau Navire Datri Bean Falloch Rise And Fall Lords Of Flatbush Gris Acid Drinkers Dope Body Bosse-De-Nage Rvivr Blindead Converge Metz Leech Go It Alone Tm88 Orange Goblin Whirr