Cambrian Explosion Church Of The Cosmic Skull The Mothercraft Sulfur Giant Dvne The Ugly Kings Electric Octopus Eternal Tapestry The Midnight Ghost Train Spiral Skies Vvlva Devil Electric Bonehawk Astrodome Naxatras Jess And The Ancient Ones Cosmic Fall Maidavale Luciferian Light Orchestra Camel Drivers Violet Sedan Chair Electric Orange Harold Martinez Handsome As Sin The Last Internationale Devil'S Blood My Sleeping Karma Blood Ceremony Gem And The Deadheads Mother Mars The Devil'S Blood Lucky Funeral Aboleth Elephant Tree Lamp Of The Universe Wucan Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Tuber Whoopie Cat Daikaiju Rifflord Ruby The Hatchet Deaf Radio Somali Yacht Club Electric Moon Mos Generator The Pack A.D. Polish Ambassador The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger