Christian Death Shadow Project Cinema Strange Clan Of Xymox London After Midnight Alien Sex Fiend The Crüxshadows Sex Gang Children Specimen Killing Joke Bauhaus Razed In Black Sopor Aeternus Lost In A Place Switchblade Symphony March Violets Skeletal Family Death Cult Radio Werewolf Sisters Of Mercy Soil & Eclipse Siouxsie And The Banshees Paralisis Permamente Bloody Dead And Sexy Ghost Dance Mephisto Walz Kommunity Fk Gary Numan Cindergarden 45 Grave Ausgang Gitane Demone Tones On Tales New Model Army Kirlian Camera The Frozen Autumn Theatre Of Ice Type O Negative Madre Del Vizio Fuckmorgue Rozz Williams Queen Adreena The Mission Nosferatu Chants Of Maldoror Sanguis Et Cinis Southern Death Cult Oingo Boingo Ploho