Claire Bowditch Missy Higgins The Waifs Lior Bernard Fanning The Cat Empire Xavier Rudd John Butler Trio Mama Kin Faker Stretcher Case Seeker Lover Keeper Bertie Blackman Holly Throsby The Clouds Velvet Janes Borneo Mike Nock The Mission District Dave Is A Spy James Hardaway Pacha Massive Ruarri Joseph Beth Orton G-Love N'Special Sauce Jodi Phillis The Girls From The Clouds Tobias Rauscher Mark Wilkinson Jamie Mcdell Matthew Ryan Sally Seltmann Tinpan Orange Mehdi Crowded House Hoffmaestro Thao Nguyen Chance Waters Dustin Tebbut Neil Finn Gomez Amadou & Mariam Laura Stevenson Big Bad Voodoo Daddy The Dudes The Zutons Manassas The Big Wu T(I)Nc