Draconian Swallow The Sun Saturnus Novembers Doom Lethian Dreams Trees Of Eternity The Foreshadowing Doom:vs Throes Of Dawn Godgory The Fall Of Every Season Shape Of Despair Wine From Tears Ablaze In Hatred When Nothing Remains Orphaned Land Intra Spelaeum Anorexia Nervosa Ahab Tristania Hecate Enthroned Dissection Inborn Suffering Paradise Lost Mournful Gust Dark Tranquillity Be'Lakor Sirenia Helevorn Alcest Edge Of Sanity Nox Aurea Within The Fall The Sins Of Thy Beloved Hallatar Depressed Mode Norther Blindead Suidakra Dominia Mirror Morionis Wintersun In Mourning Graveyard Dirt Jack Frost The Passage On Thorns I Lay Abyssphere Left Hand Solution