Emptiness The Ruins Of Beverast Aosoth Disembowelment Verdunkeln Thantifaxath Walknut Basilisk Hellfucked Akhlys Dolorian Dead To A Dying World Order Of Orias Obsidian Kingdom Colorless Forest Ygg Deathspell Omega Throane Thergothon Terra Tenebrosa Skepticism Winter Temple Of Baal Zs Dark Ages Servile Sect Loss Doom:vs Mournful Congregation Merrimack Bell Witch Evoken Neptune Towers Worship Mourning Beloveth Demoncy Sear Bliss Elysian Blaze Bölzer Cult Of Fire Schammasch Astral & Shit Demon Head Shining Ascension Man Must Die Ben Salisbury Pulling Teeth Geoff Barrow