Fiddlers Green Paddy Goes To Holyhead Blackmore'S Night Wild Silk Paddy And The Rats The Hooters Spiritual Seasons Magnum The Dreadnoughts The Inchtabokatables Firkin The Busters Smokey Bastards Schattenleben Mr. Irish Bastard Schandmaul Midnight Oil Fury In The Slaughterhouse The High Kings Ignis Fatuu Thunder Flogging Molly Emmelie De Forest Dubliners Dropkick Murphys Darby O'Gill Dublin City Ramblers Dreadnaughts Sir Reg The Fialky Blood Or Whiskey In Extremo Sara Hartman Sydney City Trash Feuerschwanz The O'Reillys And The Paddyhats Au4 Waiting For Steve Ad Inferna Kabt Gealic Storm John Waite Ockham'S Razor Topmodelz Rfven Cobblestones Radiots Can Atilla The Cherry Coke$