Gigan Wormed Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay Kalibas Sad Legend Deeds Of Flesh Defeated Sanity Arctic Sleep Amiensus Vallendusk Disavowed Brodequin Pyaemia Nomen Mortis Pyrexia Sadis Euphoria Beheaded With Different Eyes Withered Arkaik Circle Of Dead Children Apotheosis Disgorge Psyopus Revocation Maggot Colony Iniquity Decrepit Birth Vital Remains Lykathea Aflame Premonitions Of War Ghost Bath Suffocation Misery Index Fallujah Psycroptic Incantation Immolation Origin Hour Of Penance Necrophagist Gorguts Akhlys Spawn Of Possession Cephalic Carnage Blood Incantation Abnormity Mortician Gorod