Gorgasm Rotten Sound Gorerotted Rompeprop Japanische Kampfhörspiele Jack Slater Total Fucking Destruction Jig-Ai Corpsefucking Art Throne Of Isen Lord Gore Broken Penis Orchestra Leng Tch'E Fuck The Facts Abiotic Fallen Yggdrasil Torsofuck Isengard Putridity Broken Hope Tu Carne Maruta Gutalax Immolation Necrotic Disgorgement Spasm Inherit Disease Skin Harvest Berzerker Avulsed Parasitic Extirpation Hate Plow Iron Monkey Dead Infection Suffocation Phobia Adx Cryptopsy Magrudergrind A Black Rose Burial War Of Ages Vital Remains Dying Fetus Cephalic Carnage Possessed Here I Come Falling Terrorizer Insect Warfare Pestilence