Hypomanie An Autumn For Crippled Children Cold Body Radiation Yowler Highspire Lemon'S Chair September Malevolence Suffocate For Fuck Sake Echo Beds Stella Luna Epic 45 Kairon; Irse! Fjord Rowboat Wreck And Reference Silencer Trackermatte Pilotredsun Magnus Deus Veronique Gens The Nocturnes Marriages Coldworld Emma Ruth Rundle Archivist Young And In The Way Hatari The Tidal Sleep Youwretch Skip&Die Airs Bastions Svalbard Hood Deafheaven Alcest Dotan Planning For Burial Boduf Songs Funeral Diner Bosse-De-Nage Downfall Of Gaia Krōdha Monophona Sun Devoured Earth Light Bearer 4rsef4ace Dum Dum Girls Elsiane Fall Of Efrafa