In Mourning Be'Lakor Omnium Gatherum Daylight Dies Insomnium Barren Earth October Falls Hacride Persefone Ghost Brigade Countless Skies Sculptured Swallow The Sun Black Sun Aeon Wolfheart The Morningside Dark Oath Kambrium The Man-Eating Tree October Tide An Abstract Illusion Edge Of Sanity Brymir Conducting From The Grave Kalisia Melodic Death Metal Gwynbleidd Cormorant The Eyes Of A Traitor Hundredth Words Of Farewell Disillusion Draconian Resist The Thought Amiensus For The Fallen Dreams I The Breather Forever In Terror Dissona Nilfgaard Animations As Autumn Calls Be I Declare War R Lost In Kiev Oceans Red Darkest Horizon Disfiguring The Goddess