Iron Reagan Powertrip Dr. Living Dead Ghoul Municipal Waste Insanity Alert Stormtroopers Of Death X-Cops Broken Teeth Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Bear Witness Hyades Hang The Bastard Nasty Trap Them Brutality Will Prevail M.D.C. Skeletal Remains Malevolence Gatecreeper Desolated Trc Bonehunter Method Of Destruction King Parrot Gwar Annihilation Time Game Over Lost Society Cryptic Slaughter Forty Winters Despise You Judge Ludichrist Vision Of Disorder Martyr Defiled Violator Enabler Lorna Shore M.O.D. Dissect Uncle Slam Death Breath Trappist Chainbreaker Saccage Violent Reaction Rainbows Are Free Slope