Leftover Crack Choking Victim No Cash Operation Ivy Against All Authority Agent Orange Star Fucking Hipsters Antimaniax No-Cash Falling Sickness Morning Glory Indk Stupid Stupid Henchmen The Mad Conductor Sick Of Silence Days N Daze Night Gaunts Analena No Commercial Value Dead Kennedys Crass The Unseen Skeptix Aus-Rotten Minor Threat Propagandhi The Varukers Bad Brains Evil Empire The Suicide Machines World/inferno Friendship Society Hybris The Casualties Special Duties Subhumans Blunt Circle Jerks Skapsom The Taxpayers Black Flag Rancid Exploited Beng Beng Cocktail Lower Class Brats Voodoo Glow Skulls Germs Gbh Self-Destruct The Adicts