Magna Carta Cartel Subvision Year Of The Goat Ghost Ghost B.C. Jess And The Ancient Ones Purson The Great Discord Coven Dust Omega Soul Kvelertak Zeal And Ardor Witchcraft Sungate Graveyard Blood Ceremony Jex Thoth Grailknights Hexvessel Me And That Man Gerard Mcmann Dawnbringer Ostara To/die/for Zammuto Barn Burner Rival Sons Skuggsjá Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Khemmis Darkyra Black Galbatron Godemis Baroness Bombus Witherfall Oslo Faenskap Lunar Shadow Firelake Lou Marco Bodyfarm Kan'Nal Martin L. Gore Sleepstream Mammut Alex Roe Pan Morbus Chron