Martyr Behold The Arctopus Exivious Negativa Gorguts Ion Dissonance Psyopus Electro Quarterstaff Into The Moat Glass Casket Nero Di Marte Capharnaum Ulcerate Dysrhythmia Teramobil Baring Teeth Hoist The Colors Step In Fluid Kids Hindemith Magic Elf Purcell Pyrrhon Marc Guillermont Hellwitch Anchorlines Brian Ferneyhough Ahleuchatistas Capillary Action Aborted Fetus Milton Babbitt Defeated Sanity Trioscapes Conlon Nancarrow First Fragment Cynic Decrepit Birth Solefald Wormed John Vanderslice Thanatos Oppressor Assück Cryptopsy Anal Cunt Necrophagist Grayceon Hour Of Penance If