Method Of Destruction Stormtroopers Of Death M.O.D. Ludichrist Doomstone Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Diamond Plate S.O.D. Insanity Alert Hyades The Raunchous Brothers Mod Chainbreaker Miles Barkkley Iron Reagan Lich King Dr. Living Dead Wolf Pack Our Griffins Municipal Waste Disfear Anthrax Yacopsae Benediction Tear It Up Death Angel Power Trip Suicidal Tendencies Pascal Obispo Celtic Frost Earth Crisis Capitalist Casualties Dropdead Nuclear Assault Gerald De Palmas Voivod Venom Overkill Hellhammer Biohazard Blitzkrieg Newsted Calogero Bolt Thrower Mercyful Fate P.O.D. King Diamond Slayer Blaze