Nick Nolan Blues Saraceno Black River Delta The Dirty Diary Urban Country Kenneth Sorenson The Blackwater Fever Black Eyed Snakes The Blue News Mad Shadow Dead Sons The Devil And The Almighty Blues The Brothers Bright Halfway To Gone Stonedirt The Heavy Horses The Blue Stones Bound By Law Steve Fawcett Bellhound Choir Codeseven Alabama Thunderpussy Cracker Blues Bite The Buffalo Woven The Sign Of The Southern Cross Lucas King Sin Shake Sin Warehouse One Jaxon Gamble Data Beans & Fatback Ken Yates Danny Farrant Robin Loxley Rob Rock Eric Mcfadden Colter Wall Johnny Truant Irish Stew Of Sindidun The White Buffalo Hanni El Khatib Dorothy Stoner Train Steeldrivers Bobby Bazini Justin Johnson Georgia Florida Line Kaleo