Norrsken Horisont Witchcraft Kadavar Graveyard Jex Thoth Rival Sons Blood Ceremony Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats The Cosmic Dead Honeybus Dominici Ethereal Architect November Adrian Whitehead Red Fang Darkology The Graviators Youngblood Supercult Ghost Mountain Witch Deadman The Devil'S Blood Vidunder Thinking Fellers Union Local 2 Tropical Doom Karin Borg Stivie Nix Art Cube Hypnos Movie Star Junkies Pentagram Honeymoon Disease The Sword Nilsson Dump Devil'S Blood The Hellacopter The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger Consortium King Automatic Heavy Trash Purson Master Musicians Of Bukkake Scallops Hotel The Swirlies Om Clutch Jess And The Ancient Ones