Novembers Doom The Foreshadowing Draconian Swallow The Sun Saturnus Mourning Beloveth Doom:vs The Fall Of Every Season Throes Of Dawn Graveworm Wine From Tears Helevorn When Nothing Remains Intra Spelaeum Mournful Gust Catamenia Lethian Dreams My Dying Bride Ablaze In Hatred October Tide Estatic Fear Thantifaxath Katatonia Nox Aurea Aosoth The Yearning Dawn Of Relic The Ruins Of Beverast Susperia Forest Of Shadows Emptiness Mirror Morionis Hellfucked Anathema Insomnium Between August And December Basilisk Empyrium Immensity Nailed To Obscurity Somnus Aeternus Amaseffer Sirrah Soulfallen On Thorns I Lay Decembre Noir Inborn Suffering Man Must Die A Different Breed Of Killer