Obscura Fleshgod Apocalypse Hannes Grossmann Alkaloid Necrophagist Lost Soul Necrophobic Carach Angren Gorod Cynic Noneuclid Atheist Septicflesh Rivers Of Nihil Ouroboros Trauma Vesania Death Fallujah The Zenith Passage First Fragment Decapitated Inferi Archspire Blotted Science God Dethroned Abysmal Dawn Inanimate Existence Entheos Alustrium Gojira Anata The Ritual Aura Hollow Severed Savior Dying Fetus Kronos Spiral Architect Ex Deo The Black Dahlia Murder Benighted Between The Buried And Me Illnath Teramobil Spaced Out Carcariass Nile Christian Muenzner Created On The 8th