Oceano Attila We Butter The Bread With Butter Dr. Acula Chelsea Grin Upon A Burning Body Dance Club Massacre Whitechapel Spite Hanni Kohl Suicide Silence Emmure In The Midst Of Lions Miss May I Traitors Acacia Strain Black Tongue Enterprise Earth A Night In Texas Within Destruction Hollow Prophet Blind Witness Vulvodynia Signs Of The Swarm Veil Of Maya The Holly Springs Disaster Iwrestledabearonce Vanna Dead And Divine Born Of Osiris Xkingx The Black Dahlia Murder Despised Icon Smart Went Crazy As Blood Runs Black Destruction Of A King Aegaeon As They Burn Bleed From Within The Crimson Armada Winds Of Plague Aerial M Danny Kross Gastr Del Sol My Autumn Cursed Sails In Dying Arms Arcania Diamond Construct