Origin Hate Eternal Berzerker Leng Tch'E Brain Drill Henker Diskreet Desecravity Internal Suffering Archspire Unmerciful Obsecrate The Deity Psychotogen Hour Of Penance Morbid Angel Necrosy Aborted Wormed Defeated Sanity Necrophagist Fallen Yggdrasil Panzerchrist Nile First Fragment Hackneyed Viraemia The Crown Alterbeast Lord Gore Son Of Aurelius The Boy Will Drown The Kennedy Veil The Zenith Passage Lostly Manuel Le Saux Coldworker Monumental Torment Slaughterbox All Fucked Up The Planets Dying Fetus Infernal War Cephalic Carnage Disentomb Moonbooter Rawside Berried Alive Severed Savior Arkaik