Persefone Ne Obliviscaris Black Crown Initiate Shylmagoghnar Adagio Cold Insight Be'Lakor Enshine Kalisia October Falls Slumber In Mourning Daylight Dies Omnium Gatherum Kambrium Darkest Horizon Countless Skies Aspherium Septicflesh Dark Oath Daemon Pyre Hadal Maw Hacride Scar Symmetry Slice The Cake Silence Lies Fear Inanimate Existence Between The Buried And Me Vallendusk Wretched Rise To Fall While Heaven Wept Emerson City In The Sea Sunless Rise Burial In The Sky Dissonance In Design Der Weg Einer Freiheit Sculptured Nami White Ward Nova Collective Symbolic Within Ruins System Divide Soulfallen Fit For An Autopsy Novallo Fuck The Facts