Portion Control Ogre Klinik Out Out A Certain Ratio Quoit Tackhead Lassigue Bendthaus Cassandra Complex Esg Borghesia Ja König Ja 23 Skidoo Vomito Negro In The Nursery Was Not Was Sonar C-Tec Bertie Blackman Scritti Politti The Cairo Gang Pregnant Escaped Trees Perspects Heaven 17 The Mabuses Dive Haircut 100 Legendary Pink Dots Tear Garden Psychedelic Furs Numb Fad Gadget Imminent Starvation Heptones Spear Of Destiny Schwefelgelb Cyber-Tec Project Pwei Lonelady Cubanate The Ark Dasein P.A.L. Schloss Tegal Boy Harsher Abwärts Converter Spk