Procussions The Sound Providers Emc Mr. J Medeiros Strange Fruit Project Asheru Oddisee Slum Village Dwele Eric Roberson Senim Silla Miguel Penuckle People Under The Stairs Ugly Duckling Stik Figa Mr. Lif Surreal And The Sound Providers Thomax Binary Star Cunninlynguists Stro Elliot People Under Stairs Tonedeff Raashan Ahmad Giant Panda John Reuben Statik Selektah Edie Brickell And The New Bohemians Dl Incognito Felt Ghettosocks Coolwater Set Cl Smooth Team H Starving Artists Crew Ally Kerr Gowe Urbs Sam Ock Herobust Blu & Exile B Dolan Kovacs Substantial Hieroglyphics Atmosphere Slick Rick Aesop Rock