Repulsion Autopsy Nihilist Cianide Agathocles Grave Dark Angel Braindead Nyctophobic Martin Schmitt Insanity Sloth Impetigo Coffins Lords Of The New Church Bat Sindrome Funeral Circle Nuclear Death Sensory Overload Hate Plow Broken Hope The Meatshits Hellnation The Inchtabokatables Dead Infection The Accused Yacopsae Bummer Nunslaughter Adx Leng Tch'E Network 23 Curley Dj Radium Dismember Insect Warfare Spiral Tribe 12twelve Rottrevore Noctes Excretion The Busters Anacrusis Old Funeral Eucharist Splattered Entrails Afflicted Convulsion Outre-Tombe