Saturnus Draconian Swallow The Sun Novembers Doom The Foreshadowing Doom:vs Shape Of Despair The Fall Of Every Season Wine From Tears Godgory Uaral Lethian Dreams When Nothing Remains October Tide Ahab Helevorn Ablaze In Hatred Evoken Trees Of Eternity Skepticism Agalloch My Dying Bride Inborn Suffering Esoteric Katatonia Forest Of Shadows Anathema Intra Spelaeum The Clouds Mournful Congregation Cold Insight Watain Eye Of Solitude Nortt Alrakis Tiamat Thergothon Depressed Mode Keep Of Kalessin Mournful Gust Winter Kauan Disembowelment Reverend Bizarre Blueneck Theatre Of Tragedy Dolorian Thurisaz Bethlehem