Sex Gang Children Alien Sex Fiend Virgin Prunes Skeletal Family Christian Death Bloody Dead And Sexy March Violets Death Cult Ghost Dance 45 Grave Ausgang Cinema Strange Shadow Project Radio Werewolf Projekt Pitchfork Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Robert Rental Black Sun Ensemble Yendri Not Blood Paint Christ V Warhol Woven Hand 16 Horsepower London After Midnight Rubella Ballet Clan Of Xymox Scarlet'S Remains Fuckmorgue Bauhaus Two Witches 13th Chime Fountainhead Ordo Equitum Solis Thomas Leer Anasazi Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons Screaming Dead Hiidenhauta Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo Rum Rebellion Faith In The Muse Tus Amigos Nuevos Amortis Potato Pirates Enthroned Rozz Williams Light Asylum The Crüxshadows Razed In Black