Sheep On Drugs Bigod 20 Die Warzau Half Man Half Biscuit Controlled Bleeding Barry Adamson Eastfield Blyth Power Microchip League Joy Electric The Oyster Band Purple Motion Men They Couldn'T Hang Premature Ejaculation The Monsoon Bassoon Mukala Beta Satan Southport The Joyce Mckinney Experience One Dollar Short Klute Five In Love Din Fiv Pigface Sister Machine Gun Amazing Crowns Death Of Samantha Little Trophy Dreamend Airport 5 Picky Picnic Beyond The Fringe Freddie Jackson Sidi Bou Said My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Will Downing Big Audio Dynamite Caddywhompus Lebendig Scandy Lake Of Puppies Reverend Horton Heat Elkland Tod Performance Julian Cope The Foxglove Hunt Steve Oliver Fear The Clown