Sick Of Silence Analena Falling Sickness Antimaniax Hybris Blunt No Cash Against All Authority Choking Victim Leftover Crack River City Rebels Stockyard Stoics Houston Ea 80 Williams Beng Beng Cocktail Sick On The Bus Crack Rock Steady The Foamers The Smooths Powter Skapsom The Impossibles Kings 20 Uhr 15 Indk Capdown Stupid Stupid Henchmen Sara K Snowden Mouthwash Oi Polloi Troldhaugen Falling Up The Unseen No Commercial Value Red Opm Sick Of It All King Prawn Abwärts Spunge Fliehende Stürme Exploited Wizo Dinosaur Pile Up Raised Fist Jamaica Propagandhi