Six Reasons To Kill 6th Awakening Valkyrja Burning Skies By Night 7 Angels 7 Plagues Bloodlined Calligraphy Fury 66 9th Plague Children Of Boodom Twelve Tribes Unbreakable Hatred Beyond The Sixth Seal Placenta Ease Of Disgust Transcends Frantic Amber Ultimate Fate Nociceptor Yesterdays Rising 6 Days Of Riot Destroy Destroy Destroy Blessed By A Burden Xdisciplex Unfathomable Ruination Andromorphus Rexalia Tubring Destroyer 666 Starting Six Breach Six Feet Under Eat A Helicopter 108 Silent Descent Gormathon Crimson Shadows Barbie Jonin 68' 7for4 Lykathea Aflame Shade Empire Abnormity Bratz Chthonic Mortician Circle Of Contempt Defeated Sanity In Vain