Soilent Green Cephalic Carnage Circle Of Dead Children Vital Remains Suffocation Immolation Cryptopsy Pig Destroyer Misery Index Premonitions Of War Pyrexia Deeds Of Flesh Brutal Truth Brodequin Today Is The Day The Red Chord Edible Dick Grease Beyond The Sixth Seal Agents Of Oblivion Deadboy And The Elephantmen Man Is The Bastard Gross Magic S.O.B Hatesphere American Head Charge Macabre Enabler Morbid Angel Fudge Tunnel Gism Noothgrush Decapitated Edible Dick Greade Dystopia Akercocke Igorr Nailbomb Ss Decontrol Oathbreaker Gorguts Archspire Nile Incantation Isis Celtic Frost Vader Darkest Hour Death Merzbow