Soulfallen Nox Aurea Immergo Mirror Morionis Alghazanth Graveworm Dawn Of Solace Lyzanxia Throes Of Dawn Prey For Nothing Dawn Of Relic Before The Dawn Catamenia Illdisposed Decembre Noir Forest Of Shadows Opera Ix Officium Triste Mechina Dark Suns Battlelore Endstille Stormlord Statovarious Hamfer├░ Apokalyptische Reiter October Tide Nightrage The Foreshadowing Barren Earth Novembers Doom Wine From Tears The Fall Of Every Season Swallow The Sun Persefone Lacrimas Profundere Old Mans Child Samael Dark Funeral Septicflesh Be'Lakor Draconian Mgła Rotting Christ Sungate Eluveitie Katatonia Emperor Insomnium