Subvision Ghost B.C. Ghost Magna Carta Cartel Year Of The Goat Jess And The Ancient Ones The Great Discord Purson Zeal And Ardor Dust Kvelertak Omega Soul Electric Citizen Blood Ceremony Witchcraft Me And That Man Sungate Priest Jex Thoth Graveyard Barn Burner Cassette Kids Powerwolf Baroness Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Sonogram Drive Like Maria Galbatron Well Hung Heart Coffinshakers Guns Ní Roses Grailknights Rival Sons Clutch Monkey Union Massive Wagons Darkyra Black As Angels Bleed Vidya Vidya Bedlam Bodyfarm Eyeris Electric Wizard Alex Roe Pan Flatfoot 56 Purified In Blood Minutes Til Midnight Stormlord