Suffocate For Fuck Sake Wreck And Reference An Autumn For Crippled Children Archivist Droughts Sed Non Satiata Patten Emptyset Amanda Woodward Viva Belgrado Youwretch Young And In The Way Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort I Hate Sex Young Mountain Arrows In Her Trying Science Lustre Son Of A Bitch Man Of War Raein La Quiete Shit Happening Hypomanie Paula Temple Old Soul Striborg Suis La Lune Portraits Of Past Daitro Respire The Jesus Butterfly Svalbard Deafheaven Woe Heroin Rest Ashore Braveyoung The Body Neil Perry Circle Takes The Square Jeromes Dream Bosse-De-Nage Snooze Rolo Tomassi Aussitot Mort Echo Beds Emak Heaven In Her Arms