The Abominable Iron Sloth Admiral Angry Love Sex Machine Black Sheep Wall Slugdge Fister Wormlust Xothist Primitive Man Seven Sisters Of Sleep Undergang Alaric Lurker Of Chalice Labrat Coffinworm S.V.E.S.T. Brainoil Churchburn Fistula Thou Inter Arma Like Rats Full Of Hell Buried At Sea Braveyoung Primitive Weapons Gaza Secret Cutter Leviathan Altarage Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine Moevot Slaves Bc Lord Mantis Tombs Holly Hunt Wolvhammer Murmuure Unearthly Trance Amia Venera Landscape Aluk Todolo Born Against Barathrum Gehenna This Routine Is Hell Will Haven Urobilinemia Lento The Body