The Dirty Diary Blues Saraceno The Blackwater Fever Black Eyed Snakes Nick Nolan Dead Sons The Blue Stones Bite The Buffalo The Devil And The Almighty Blues Black River Delta Daniel Norgren Kenneth Sorenson Urban Country Hanni El Khatib Lincoln Durham The Blue News Black Pistol Fire Benjamin Booker Brother Dege Fumes The Stone Foxes Crook & The Bluff Dewolff Damon Fowler Mergence The Wanton Bishops Shawn James & The Shapeshifters Steve Fawcett Tongue Tied Twin The Wans Sonny Rhodes Bill Durst Ttt Hank Shizzoe Cullah The Brothers Bright Stoner Train Cracker Blues Beans & Fatback Big Spring Sin Shake Sin Justin Johnson Birthday Boy Second To Sun Ken Yates Romi Mayes The Road Hammers The Bonfire Band Irish Stew Of Sindidun