The F-Ups 1208 [spunge] Zebrahead Onward Etc Autopilot Off Almost People Pink And Brown Suffocate Faster Rusted Shut No Motiv Gay Witch Abortion Black Pus The Lot Six Drunkdriver Moments In Grace Pré Twelve Tribes Cult Ritual Sexdrome Drunk In Hell Shit And Shine Rat Kid Cool People Die Angry Youth Powernap Barb Wire Dolls Hotwire Sugarcult Slices Danielle Dax An Abstract Illusion Beyond The Sixth Seal Pissed Jeans Ibibio Sound Machine Annihilation Time Bowling For Soup Clockcleaner Coachwhips Tom Tom Club Todd Metz Unholy Goldfinger Terminal Cheesecake Downtown Boys Chronic Future Midtown Wooden Shjips