The Marked Men The Ergs Teenage Bottlerocket The Lillingtons Methadones The Dopamines The Copyrights Dillinger Four The Soviettes Off With Their Heads Cobra Skulls Masked Intruder The Dwarves The Stitches Dead To Me Apocalypse Hoboken The Hextalls Dakota Spells Disaster Radioactivity The Flatliners None More Black Hex Dispensers Red Dons The Spits Patsy'S Rats The Briefs Exploding Hearts Direct Hit! Bad Cop Bad Cop Brutal Knights Masshysteri Hurula Near Miss Lawrence Arms Fake Problems Chinese Telephones Royal Headache Sass Dragons Songs For Moms Mind Spiders Tommy Roe Evergreen Goddamn Gallows Restorations Descendents Vindictives Smut Peddlers Ringers U.S.E.